Who we are

Over two decades of building Web3

CEO and interim CTO
Jagdeep Sidhu
Michiel Näring
Bradley Stephenson
Chris O'Shea
Head of Growth, Asia
See Wan Toong
Director of Business Development
Matthew Mappin
Chief Legal Counsel
Jason Grewal

Meet the accomplished SYS Labs team, a group of dedicated professionals with diverse expertise in blockchain technology, cryptography, software development, and business strategy. United by a shared passion for decentralized applications and a commitment to overcoming the challenges within the industry, our team members drawn on their years of experience in the blockchain industry to collaboratively build a secure, high-performance platform to meet the needs of tomorrow.

They consistently deliver practical and reliable solutions that enhance user experiences in the rapidly evolving digital asset landscape. With a strong focus on an evolving understanding of Bitcoin’s foundation principals, rooted in trustlessness, security, innovation, and efficiency, the SYS Labs team has earned the trust and confidence of users, driving the platform's growth and success.

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